Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vol 41 : Geosains Pelancongan

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I think this is a really good information for those yang tercari-cari sumber nota subjek " Geosains Pelancongan" ...memandangkan esok jam 8.30 pagi ada paper nih...so aku sangat rajin nak jadikan n3 aku kali ini sedikit berilmiah..uhu..

Point of Comparison
Community Industry grown (Humanistic)
Machine Industry Group (Mechanistic)
Resource name
·         Geoasset
·         Mineral,aggregate,timber
Comsumption behavior of natural sources
·         Consumption of the midd (long-term utilization)
·         Consumption of the body (destructive exploitation)
Evaluation focus
·         Value
·         Price
Resources generation and element
·         Resources creates for element
·         Demand for resources extraction
Internal and external control
·         Push for control resources value
·         Pull by control of resources price
Consideration for ecosystem service
·         Built into geoasset resources evaluation
·         Need (mitigation) measure for loss of some important service
Landscape preservation
·         Priority conservation of visual resources
·         Significant visual disfiguration of landscape
Resources and consumer mobility
·         Consumer to resources (site or formation)
·         Resources,from a site of formation to consumer
Nature of resources utilization
·         Knowledge mining
·         Material mining/extraction
Ownership of resources
·         Permanent reserve conservation for community,district state in nation
·         Non-permanent property by individual company,state and nation enterprise
Economic component for wealth generation
·         Creativity
·         Conformity
·         Natural investment capital

thanks to syatirah ismail bg note ni